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Akita Puppies
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  We  do not have puppies available at this time!!  However, please keep in mind that puppies are not for everyone.   If you wouldn't mind missing several months of housebreaking, chewing, leash training, etc., then an adult is ideal for you.  Please contact us regarding adult availability as well as puppies.  All of our pets are sold on AKC Limited Registration
and a spay/neuter basis unless otherwise arranged.

It is imperative that you read.........

 "Is The Akita The Right Dog For You?", before acquiring an Akita!
here to read.  If, after reading this article, you find that you are still interested in acquiring an Akita puppy, please print out, sign and return the article along with my completed questionnaire to:
 Elizabeth Kowalski
P. O. Box 2411
Yelm, WA  98597

Have questions or inquiries about litters or available adults?
  Call:  1-253-691-4466
 Elizabeth Kowalski

If you are contemplating the purchase of that adorable puppy you've just seen at your local pet store, think twice.  Read the following article in order to make a well educated decision. 
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Previous litters

Elizabeth and Snoopy from a prior litter.

Snoopy's Littermates

Kin Yama is a member in good standing of the Akita Club of Puget Sound and the Akita Club of America.

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