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At this time, we do not have puppies.

If a puppy is not what you are searching for, please visit our availability page. 
We may have something available.
Please contact us for details.

Conscientious Breeders

It is my opinion, that the true distinction between conscientious hobby breeders and puppy mills is the motivation for breeding. Conscientious breeders are breeding to a breed standard to produce desired qualities (structure, temperament, health, breed type, functionality to do the job for which the breed was intended). Often conscientious breeders are investing tremendous amounts of time, money, and effort in their dogs. Costs include earning titles (in the conformation, obedience, field or other events) where their dog's structure and abilities are evaluated by judges; health screening tests; routine veterinary care; stud fees and related breeding costs. Conscientious breeders may break even on a litter or lose money on a litter. The main objective and reward for conscientious breeders is to have their choice of puppies that possess the attributes one hoped to get from the breeding.

 Please keep in mind that puppies are not for everyone.   If you wouldn't mind missing several months of housebreaking, chewing, leash training, etc., then an adult is ideal for you. Adults are also great for children wanting to become active in Obedience, Agility, Junior Showmanship or 4H.


Please visit our Availability page or contact me.

Before purchasing any breed, please make sure to do your "homework".   Research the breed very carefully because buying a dog is a lifetime commitment, not a passing fancy.  The following link will give you some 'food for thought' when you're looking to purchase a dog.....
The Right Dog For You.   Also keep in mind that puppies are a lot of work, very time consuming and aren't for everyone (even though they're cute as can be).  Often times, adults are a far better match for one's lifestyle.  Ask the breeder if they might have something mature for you or contact the English Cocker Club of America's rescue volunteer in your state or region.

If you are contemplating the purchase of that adorable puppy you've just seen at your local pet store, think twice.  Read the following article in order to make a well educated decision.  Pet Stores

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